Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010 Reading Journey

Okay I started a blog to keep up with my 2010 reading goal. I keep posting my updates on Facebook and Twitter and figure people there are probably getting sick of it.

My goal in 2010 is to read 210 books. I have finished 13 so far, so that is a bit more than one a day. Honestly I would love to have it done in 6 months, but reality is that's not very likely. I wanted to set a goal I could achieve.

I also can't sit there and read book after book sometimes. When I read a really good book and its over I need time to sit with it. Time to just think about it, let it settle.

I started the year with 205 books on my tbr list. Of course that grows every day, but this list has been going for 4 years, so I wanted to finish these and start fresh. Some of those I will be getting on CD at the library so I won't count those as being "read" since technically I am only listening to those. My husband pointed that out to me ;).

I currently have about 90 books at home to be read. I love to buy books and love the barnes and noble website for their clearance section. This year they had some really good deals for $1.99. The books are all types of genres, some non fiction, short story collections, mysteries, chick lit, romance and literary fiction. I even have some so called Classics on my list.

I am really loving this challenge because some of these books are really good. I wonder why they didn't sell and they are in the "bargain bin". Of course some were bestsellers so I imagine its just B & N getting rid of inventory. Most are ones I never heard of until going through their bargain list and come across them. Some of them are just so good and really good writing and I'm surprised.