Tuesday, September 28, 2010

#139 Julia's Chocolates by Cathy Lamb

Okay I am forgetting a book somewhere, but I remember the next three because they were great.  I found a new writer I absolutely adore and will follow all she writes.  Ms. Lamb is an extraordinary storyteller.  Her characters are so rich and wonderful I feel like I know them.  Her books are hard to put down when they are done. 

Do you ever read a book that you are so into you need time to digest it all before you can begin a new book?  This is how I am with all of her books so far.  I have now read four of them.  I'm not too sure about her books that she has written with others, they seem more genre than these books.  I was disappointed to know there were only four of these books so far, but hopefully she will keep writing!

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The quirky debut romance from Lamb opens as Julia Bennett flees the Boston altar where her blueblood abuser fiancéuppance for abusers of all types.

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I really loved all the characters in this book!  Stash is so endearing and his love for Aunt Lydia is beautiful and comedic at the same time.  Aunt Lydia is so wonderfully quirky, you can't help but love her and laugh.  Julia of course is so tragically sad.  I have found that with her books the characters are all tragic, but heroic at the same time.  They are heroic just for managing to get up every morning.  This was definitely worth the time to read. 
I give this one an A!

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