Wednesday, September 29, 2010

#140 Such a Pretty Face by Cathy Lamb

Wow!  I am so into her books right now and very disappointed I have finished them.  I thought there were more or I would have spread them out a bit.

In this book the heroine is Stevie, who in her early 30's has a heart attack because of her obesity.  She goes through gastric bypass and loses 170 lbs.  This is where the book starts, her dealing with her weight loss and new life.  She realizes that in order to start her new life, she has to deal with the issues of her past. 

All of Ms. Lamb's characters are so rich that you feel like your really inside their heads.  Stevie is no different.  She is insecure, kind and generous.  I really liked watching her growth in the book as she struggles to gain confidence.

The cast of characters includes her cousins, one is a news anchor and anorexic on the verge of collapse, the other an ex ball player who is too nervous to even talk to women and has started a business of sex dolls.  The sex dolls themselves are backdrops during a lot of the story.  The story also includes her aunt and uncle who raised her.

They raised her after her grandparents died.  Stevie had enormous tragedy in her life, with a schizophrenic mother.  Her mother died after throwing Stevie, Stevie's little sister Daisy and herself off a bridge.  Stevie was the only one to survive.

The book was tragic in many ways but also had some comedy.  The way Stevie would dash into bushes trying to hide from her handsome new neighbor cracked me up!! 

Overall this was a fantastic book and I highly recommend it and all of hers.  My grade is definitely an A.

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