Monday, July 5, 2010

#107 Still Life with Husband by Lauren Fox

I haven't had much time to read this long weekend, but I did finish #107.  This was a bargain book I picked up a few weeks ago.

It was a decent book.  Emily is married, not happily but not unhappily.  She is at the stage where you look at your life and you wonder is that really all there is to it?  In any marriage things settle into a routine, its not fireworks all the time.

Her husband Kevin is ready to move things along and buy a house in the suburbs and have a baby.  She is not ready for those things yet.  In walks David, a guy she meets at a coffee house while out with her best friend.  She emails him thinking she is starting a friendship but somehow she never seems to tell him she is married.  While reading you see where its going and sure enough they embark on an affair.

I really enjoyed the book, it wasn't great, but enjoyable.  I would have liked some sort of epilogue though to see how things turned out.  If I had to give this a letter grade it would probably be a B- or a C+.

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