Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What are you favorite genres?

This is a meme hosted by Rebecca :) over at Lost in Books, you can find the post here:  Click Me! I take you to a great blog!!! 

The question is what is your favorite genre of book?  My favorites change all the time.  Right now my absolute favorite is literary fiction.  I go through fazes with what I like to read which is probably why my TBR list and pile is so large.  I will read nothing but historical for a while, then I won't pick one up for a year.  I do really like biographies as well, depending on the subject and I have to just add them here or there to my reading.  They can bore me quickly.

I also read nothing but Romance for years, now I maybe only read them once or twice a year.

I think this post would be better for me to say which genre of books do I not like?  I would say most science fiction, fantasy and mysteries.  I will try different books in those genres though depending on the story, but I won't gravitate towards those.

As for my 2010 reading challenge, I have finished 110 and am almost done with 111, so hopefully I will have some reviews up today or tomorrow.


  1. I do read romance novels. But far and between!

    Read mine here!

  2. +JMJ+

    I think your post is fine. =) I would have liked to read more about those reading phases you mention, since I have a similar reading life. A genre can be like a food craving: I eat heaps and heaps of it for months, and then I don't really want it anymore. =P

  3. My TBR pile is huge because I am such an eclectic reader. Like you, it would be far easier to say what I don't like, although I do have my favorites. Thanks for saying I have a great blog! :)

  4. I am an eclectic reader as well. I tend to burn myself out on a genre and then head on to another. Books are awesome that way!