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#115 The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty

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Three years after Sophie Honeywell dumped Thomas Gordon right before he planned to propose, Sophie is bequeathed the house of his widowed aunt Connie on tiny Scribbly Island, site of the Munro baby mystery, just off the coast of Sydney. Thomas is the grandson of that baby, named Enigma after she was found in 1932 by sisters Connie and Rose Doughty, who raised her after her parents abruptly disappeared and turned the mystery into a profitable tourist attraction. Sophie, who at 39 hears the ticking of her biological clock getting louder, is delighted with the house, despite some family opposition to her inheriting it, and intrigued by Connie's matchmaking from beyond the grave. Moriarty has created a cast of appealing characters that she deftly juggles through various plot threads, notably Sophie's languishing love life and the mystery itself, previously revealed only to family members when they turned 40, ultimately revealed to all. With its unhappy childhoods, postpartum depression, and planned suicide, this is less frothy than the author's chick-lit debut Three Wishes (2004) but just as brisk and witty. Michele Leber

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I really enjoyed this book.  I think the characters all had real depth.  There wasn't one main character I didn't think, they all had their own story and just joined together with the rest.  There were parts of the book that you can't really be sure who it is about, but you can generally figure that out.
I heard it described as a darker chick lit.  I think that is an appropriate description.  My favorite characters were Rose and Enigma, they were a constant source of chuckles.  I could picture the two old ladies, clucking away at one another. 
I also really liked the ending, it wasn't the typical happily ever after, but for each character they found if not happiness, a sense of peace.
Well written, I would give this book a B. 

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