Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Television and Books

So our big screen tv in our family room is out right now at the repair shop.  So I answered a question on a blog about listening to music while I read and I don't, but I do usually have the tv on.  I never really noticed until I was reading last night and noticed how quiet it was.  The husband was out so it was just me and our puppy, and even she was being quiet. 

I didn't realize though how accustomed I had gotten to all the background stuff until it was gone.  It was weird, and I'm not sure if its in a good way or bad.  I know the tv does distract me so maybe I will get more actual reading done.  I still have 88 books to read in a little over 19 weeks.  I'm falling behind again, time to catch up.

My short term goal is to get 6 more books read by Monday, this includes the two I am working on, one at home and one at work on my lunch break.  I should be able to do that, then I only need about 4.5 a week.  I will try for the next few weeks to get 6 done a week and hopefully I can have that down to one a week.  I need to figure the math!

I hope everyone is having a good week and reading some good books.  I need to make sure I am following all of my new followers so I will probably be working on that this week as well!

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  1. Hey - just hoppin' by! I started the hop on Friday, but had to leave, just now getting back to it. Hope you had a great weekend! Stop by The Wormhole and say hi!