Wednesday, August 25, 2010

#128 One Day by David Nicholls

Wow, this was a great book!  Yes it deserves an exclamation point.  It was that good. 

This book starts in 1988 where Emma and Dexter have just graduated college and have "hooked up" for the night and from there a friendship begins.  The book checks in with the characters each year to see where they are and you are able to get a glimpse of what their life has been during the previous year.

Can I just say that Mr. David Nicholls is Brilliant (yes with a capital B)?  He is.  The way he wove the story was breathtaking.  The story itself was good, but the way it was written made it even more enjoyable. 

I read a lot and it takes a lot to shock me, but this one did it.  I won't give anything away about this book because it is truly a treasure you need to read for yourself to find out. 

The characters are written so well they are truly three dimensional.  I felt like I truly knew the characters.  They are both basically decent people or trying to be, but you see their flaws as well.  They are laid bare to you the reader to judge. 

I didn't have high hopes for this book because it has been getting such raves everywhere and usually those books are not ones I end up enjoying.  A lot of those books get so carried away in telling a story differently the story gets lost or just isn't very good.  This was truly an exception it told a story differently, but most important it told a wonderful story.  It was at times sad and others funny.  It was almost with a sense of sadness I finished the book.  I definitely had to take some time before picking up my next book to let the characters sit with me for a while before I said goodbye.

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