Monday, August 16, 2010

#122 The Girl from Charnelle by K.L. Cook

This was a good book well written but quite disturbing.

Laura's Mom walks out one day and leaves the family consisting of Laura's father and her three brothers.  This leaves Laura to look after them all.  At the town's New Year's Party bringing in 1960 the family is hoping for some better times.  Laura is approached by a man her father works with and whom she babysits for his little children.  Thus begins an affair between the 16 year old girl and the 30 something man, John.

This is the second book I read this week dealing with an affair between an older man and a younger (underage) girl.  Both were consensual.  In both of them, the men never really face the consequences of their actions.  Yes in this book Laura is more the instigator, but he is still the adult.  It is very disturbing to me that these men get away with their actions.

That being said I had to read the book to find out how it ended.  I had to find out what consequences these characters had to face.  I also was waiting to see how it would come out in the end and the effect on Laura's relationships with the people in her life.  So I somewhat enjoyed the book.  Its a mixed review for me I couldn't even begin to put a grade on it!

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