Wednesday, August 11, 2010

#119 Lost in the Forest by Sue Miller


Eva, a divorced and happily remarried mother of three, runs a small bookstore in a town north of San Francisco. When her second husband, John, is killed in a car accident, her family’s fragile peace is once again overtaken by loss. Emily, the eldest, must grapple with newfound independence and responsibility. Theo, the youngest, can only begin to fathom his father’s death. But for Daisy, the middle child, John’s absence opens up a world of bewilderment, exposing her at the onset of adolescence to the chaos and instability that hover just beyond the safety of parental love. In her sorrow, Daisy embarks on a harrowing sexual odyssey, a journey that will cast her even farther out onto the harsh promontory of adulthood and lost hope.

I took out their review since this was from the Publisher.  Let me say that I didn't much care for this book.  I felt it had promise, when Mark takes in Theo right after John's death, I saw potential.  But that potential quickly went out the window.
First it has to be said that the sexual odyssey Daisy embarks on is with her mother's best friend's husband.  It never went into how absurdly wrong this relationship was whether consensual or not Daisy was too young.  Not to mention the moral implications.  Even when her father Mark finds out I was disappointed with how he handled it.
So this book was a major disappointment.  I have read other books by Sue Miller and have enjoyed them, I wouldn't say she is a favorite, but this one was a turn off for me and I will think twice before buying another book of hers.
I would give this one a D-.

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