Tuesday, August 31, 2010

#130 Miracle on the 17th Green by James Patterson, Peter de Jonge

So I thought this was a new book, but its a reissue from 1996.  Well it is a good book that I missed, so I am grateful for the reissue!

In this book Travis plays golf on Christmas Day when all of a sudden with clarity he is able to see where his puts will go.  Thinking it a fluke he keeps playing until he realizes he has missed Christmas dinner with his family.  His marriage is already on the brink of divorce, this does not help matters.

After Christmas he loses his job.  With his marriage on the rocks, no job he decides what the heck and signs up for Qualifying School for the Senior PGA Tour.  He makes it and begins his first season on tour. 

This was a really good book, but a very quick read.  I finished it in about two hours.

I don't personally play golf, although I used to occasionally, but my husband does.  I think that's what drew me to it.  It is a really good book, but I do think you need to understand a bit about golf to really get it.  Plus I thought some of his descriptions of the rounds of golf went on too long.

Other than that, very enjoyable.  I would give this a very solid B.

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