Thursday, June 24, 2010

#98 The Paper Marriage by Susan Kay Law

Another fantastic book.  I think I'm on a roll! 

In this book Ann is married, but her husband has been in a permanent vegetative state for the last 12 years.  Even though she knows he won't recover, she still honors her wedding vows.

Enter Tom Nash, a former all star baseball player, and his 16 year old rebellious daughter.  They move into the house next door to Ann and slowly disrupt her routine.  She becomes friends with the daughter and slowly becomes friends with the father as well.

While the frienships are forming Ann is slowly learning to move on with her life.  It was a brilliant book, very heartwarming and honest.

I really love books that I think are so totally honest to human emotion. 

My favorite line of the book occurs in the beginning, Ann brings brownies over for a welcome gift to Tom.  She doesn't know he has a daughter that is coming to stay with him.  Tom asks if there are any kids in the neighborhood and Ann just blurts out, "what are you a pervert?"

I thought it was so funny.  Imagine actually saying that to a new neighbor!  I was literally laughing out loud.

I picked this up at the clearance sale and Barnes and Noble!  I love when I find a great book cheap!!!

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