Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Walk by Richard Paul Evans #100

Okay so these will be out of order, I can't remember #99, I have read four others since then, I need to go home and look through my pile to remember which was which!

But this one I remember, it was fantastic!!!!  I can't say enough good things about this one. 

Alan Christoffersen is a successful ad guy and completely devoted to his wife, McKale.  They are living the American dream, until an important meeting is interrupted with distressing news.  His wife was thrown from her horse and is being rushed to the hospital.

While Alan is at his wife's bedside he has his partner running his business.  During this time he finds out his wife hasn't been paying the bills and their fancy cars are repossessed.  This doesn't seem a big deal to him, the most important thing to him is his wife. 

When she is released from the hospital paralyzed, he returns to work only to find his partner has stolen all the clients and set up his own business.  Unable to process it all he goes home for lunch to check on his wife, during that time an infection has set in and she ultimately dies.

After the funeral he finds out his house is being foreclosed on.  Nowhere to go, no one holding him back he decides to walk across the country to the furthest destination he can, Key West.

The book is really more about the journey than the destination, an applicable metaphor for life.

The book was absolutely stunning as I have come to expect from Richard Paul Evans.  His books are inspirational and talk about God without being preachy.  He has found a way to write spiritual books which won't turn off the readers who don't normally read those types of books. 

Absolutely fantastic book, one of the best I have read so far.

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