Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sammy's House by Kristin Gore

#92  of 210  This story is about a young woman, Sammy.  She is young and working at the White House for the Vice President as a health care advisor.  Her boyfriend, Charlie is an investigative reporter for the Washington Post.  It's a new administration and Sammy and all her coworkers are excited for the change they think they can make.

Of course there are all the usual people against the new administration, including a blog that seems to have an inside track to the private conversations going on.  With the backdrop of the White House Sammy is klutzy, at times scatter brained and trying to hold her relationship together after Charlie is transferred to New York.  She tries very hard, unsuccessfully, to not be jealous of Charlie's new female roommate in New York.

It was a great story and lots of fun.  It really had a number of laugh out loud moments.  It was heartwarming, funny and utterly delightful.

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