Tuesday, June 29, 2010

April and Oliver by Tess Callahan #102

I'm happy to say that this was another good book.  It was depressing, but it was thoroughly enjoyable.

April and Oliver, cousins by marriage,  were nearly inseparable for most of their childhood.  They had drifted apart with Oliver moving away for school and other issues that drove them apart through the years.

They finally reunite when April's brother is killed in a car accident.  It is quickly realized what a horrible life April had.  As a result of the abuse she suffered as a child, she is very self destructive.

Oliver, although engaged, finds that he is still in love with her.  His urge as it always has been is to protect her even from herself.  His frustration turns to anger on many occasions, to the point of violence.  It was not the typical love story, but one full of complications.

Oliver attempts something pretty despicable, but yet with them in some ways as the reader you didn't feel it was as bad as the character did.  Maybe becomes what April had been through in her life was so much worse or maybe it was because underneath it all they both loved each other.

This is what an award winning book should be, just tell a good story.  This was a great story even though it was depressing.  You could feel the emotions simmering at every turn.  Definitely an A to me. 

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