Friday, June 25, 2010

When I listen to Audiobooks

Devourer of books,, is hosting an audiobook week and I have loved to read everyone's posts about it.  In particular, Amanda at Patchwork of Books

I am a huge audiobook fan have been since I started this job 10 years ago.  I started with them on cassettes, and now I get them on CD's.  For these I go to the library faithfully every couple of weeks.  I usually get enough to last me three weeks.

I listen to them in the car.  My commute is usually about 45 minutes each way and it drove me crazy listening to the radio!  Someone suggested I check out an audiobook and I have been hooked ever since.  I have read some where they have different people reading different parts of the book, it is almost like listening to a play or an old radio program.

So my biggest debate has been if I should count them towards my total of books read.  My husband said I shouldn't since I didn't actually read it.  I thought this would really help me reach my goal for the year, but decided not to count them since he was right I didn't actually "read" them.  Maybe next year I will up my goal and include them, something to think about. 

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