Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Truth about Delilah Blue by Tish Cohen #103

As I was preparing to write this, I read the review from Publishers Weekly that appears on Amazon.com.  They were not very flattering about it and I rather enjoyed it.  Yes I agree with some of their points which I will get into, but overall the book kept me interested.

In this book Delilah Blue Lovett is now Lila Mack.  She moved with her father from Toronto to California when she was 8.  Her dad told her that her artist mother needed space.  Her father suggests that he prefers Lila so her name is changed.  

Her mother ends up finding her as her father is starting to exhibit symptoms of early onset Alzheimer's, and she learns her father kidnapped her.  Her father still feeling somewhat guilty refuses to explain his actions to Lila.  While spending time with her mother and the little sister she just learned about Lila comes to understand some of her fathers actions.  Her mother is self absorbed and careless.  Although not meaning to be neglectful, she is.

One of the things that was pretty far fetched in my mind as well as to the reviewer at Publishers Weekly is that her little sister tells her about a website set up to search for her and she never encountered it.  She talks about googling her mothers name and how she wouldn't go past the second page on Google.  I find it hard to believe that never once did that site appear on the first page, especially as they talk about her being on TV doing interviews.

So yes somethings made it hard to swallow, but overall the book was enjoyable and kept my interest up to the end.  Although like Publishers Weekly says, the ending just came together too fast.  Lila never really has the confrontation with her mother about her mothering skills that you want to see happen.

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