Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Novelist by Angela Hunt #96

This was a little unusual for me.  The book started really good and I was really intrigued but about halfway through it petered out for me.

The book is about Jordan Casey, a female best selling author.  The fact that she is female shouldn't be a big deal but it is because her best selling series is about a spy.  She decided since she has some time to teach at the local community college.  Of course, all the students expected a male author.  There is one student in particular, Ian, who scoffs at her books and believes you need to "bleed" on the page to be a good writer.  This leads to some soul searching for her.

On the home front her twenty one year old son is struggling with what she thinks is alcoholism and drug addiction.  She is struggling to help him with her husband.  She decides to write a story for him so now there is a book inside the book.  She is using this story which will be a novella to help her class learn about writing a novel.  It was a good premise and for me held a lot of promise, but it was dropped for me.

This second story is where she lost me.  The main story was good enough to stand on its own without the other.  It's hard to explain what I didn't like about the story within, it was just weird to me.

I hate to say this, but I would give this one a D.

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