Monday, June 21, 2010

Until the Real Thing Comes Along by Elizabeth Berg

This was #94; getting close to the halfway mark!

This was a pretty good book.  I haven't read any lately I really just hated. 

In this book, Patty is in love with her best friend Ethan.  The only problem is he is gay.

She is totally obsessed with babies and after discussing how lonely they both were and what great friends they were they decide to have a baby together.

I honestly felt for Patty.  She had dated Ethan before he "came out" and had even planned on marrying him.  I don't think it ever really sank in to her that he is gay.  It probably didn't help matters since when they were dating they had a sexual relationship.

I think it only made matters worse for her that they conceived the child the old fashioned way as well.  She had to be thinking, "if you can have sex with me you can't be truly gay". 

I never know how much of the story to tell on these blogs, because I hate to give anything away.  I will say that I really liked the ending of the book.  Not everyone got the fairytale happy ending, but they found some peace.

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