Monday, June 21, 2010

The Book of Ruth by Jane Hamilton

Wow!!  This was #95 so 10 more to go in ten days and I will be halfway to my goal.

Honestly this was a slow starter of a book for me.  I probably wouldn't have finished it if I hadn't put in time already on it and need my numbers for the end of June!  I am very glad though that I did finish it.

This book is about Ruth who grows up being told she is stupid and ugly.  Her brother is good looking and very intelligent leaving Ruth to feel even more ugly and stupid.  Her mother devotes herself to her brother leaving Ruth to fend for herself.  After graduating high school her brother takes off for college and is rarely heard from after that.  Ruth meanwhile goes to work at the dry cleaner where her Mom works. 

She eventually meets Rudy and falls in love.  He is unable to hold a job so they move in with Ruth's mother, May.  When Ruth gives birth to Justy her mother devotes herself to him.  So much so that Justy is a main source of tension in the house, with May continually criticizing how they are raising him.

Again this story was slow to build interest but the ending blew me away!!!

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