Thursday, June 24, 2010

Miss Understanding by Stephanie Lessing, #97

Thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish.  It was funny and at the same time very sincere.

The story is about Zoe Rose.  She had been an outcast in school and spent the years studying women and girl's behavior to each other.  She takes a job at her brother in law's magazine as a deputy editor.  They decide to try to change the content of the magazine to help women get along with other women.

There are the usual cast of characters that work at the fashion magazine including the fashion and makeup editors Blaire and Sloane.  They are the usual weight obsessed women you see in fiction books about magazines.  They are of course resistant to the changes that Zoe wants to make, as is almost everyone at the magazine.

It really does make a good statement about how women do hold each other back either because of jealousy or pettiness.  Unfortunately it is something you see everywhere in the world.  Women are judged by appearances and not just by men but by fellow women.

Anyway this was a really good book.  It took on serious issues but in such an entertaining way!  I loved the character of Zoe, she would be an amazing friend and an awful lot of fun to be around as well.  Definately an A.

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